Student Spotlight


Morning Announcement Crew: These 6th grade students help us get our day started off right with announcements everyday. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Dylan Green

Dylan Green 8th Grade “Dylan is always positive and friendly. I love that he always has a smile on his face!! Seeing him with his little sister shows the kindness that he has for others. He should be commended for his hard work!!”

Haylee White

Haylee White 4th Grade "Haylee is always kind to others and very helpful. She is willing to do anything asked of her and follows our R.O.A.R. rules. daily. Haylee is sweet and has a very positive attitude."

Ayden Whipple

Ayden Whipple 12th Grade "Ayden goes out of his way to be a positive support for those around him. His ability to help others and his kindness and maturity make him an amazing part of our school!"

I Miller

Isaac Miller 9th Grade Isaac was selected for his performance in math and science.

Mykel Kuhns

Mykel Kuhns 12th Grade Mykel was selected for his initiative, responsibility, and class participation.

Millie Reisinger

Millie Reisinger 5th Grade Millie was selected for always demonstrating ROAR behavior, and encouraging her peers to do their best.

Zachary Pagano

Zachary Pagano 11th Grade Zachary is proactive with his work ethic and his willingness to learn shows his motivation and respect for himself, his teachers, his school and his future.

Finlee Yen

Finlee Yen 2nd Grade Finlee is responsible and always prepared for class. She is on task and ready to work,. She has an A+ attitude about absolutely everything, and is very respectful to anyone she is around.

Darren Smith

Darren Smith 11th Grade Darren is free giving of his personal time to whomever is in need. He has volunteered countless hours helping everyone! He is here early each morning to high-five Mr. Counts!

Dylan Dingman

Dylan Dingman 12th Grade Dylan is a leader and always willing to accept responsibility whenever needed. Dylan helps out with band and chorus concerts, and because of his help we couldn't have had a successful performance!

Ariel Roe

Ariel Roe 5th Grade Ariel always has a great attitude and puts forth her best effort every day.

Kenzie Irwin

Kenzie Irwin 1st Grade Kenzie exhibits ROAR behaviors each and every day. She is such a great listener, has an A+ attitude, is always kind toward others and helpful, and always strives to do her best.

Zander Hallman

Zander Hallman 3rd Grade Zander always has a polite and positive attitude. He is willing to do anything asked of him and will gladly help out his classmates whenever they need it!

Breeze-lyn Bronkoski

Breeze-lyn Bronkoski 9th Grade Breeze-lyn is a well-rounded student that always gives maxium effort. She is involved in many after school activities. Breeze-lyn is representing GASD in the Youth Art Month Virtual Exhibit this year.

Anthony Argila

Anthony Argila K5 Anthony is a great role model for all ROAR behaviors. He is a great friend and goes out of his way to include others. He is always trying his best and follows all school and classroom rules.

Sarah Haskins

Sarah Haskins K5 Sarah exhibits our ROAR behavior each and every day. She is respectful towards friends, teachers, and all staff. She takes the time to help others and is so very kind!

Aria Tarabori

Aria Tarabori Pre-K Aria shows genuine excitement to be here at school and is always coming in with a positive attitude. She is cheerful, helpful, kind to others, and a very good rule follower and listens in all settings!

Sophia Cizek

Sophia Cizek 8th Grade Sophia is a very deserving of Student of the Month. Sophia is extremely hard-working student. She is generally just a friendly, kind, and enthusiastic student, and a great addition to our school!

Levi Evans

Levi Evans 12th Grade Levi is a hard working student who is always willing to help. Levis shows a lot school spirit, he may or may not have been the school's mascot during pep rallies!

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